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Kickboxing coaching community, with a focus on fitness and fun!

what are the benefits?

Champion Coaching

Live online kickboxing classes, and short recorded workouts, to fit into your busy schedule!

Powerful Community

Achieve your own goals, as part of a powerful community, and feel fantastic for it!

Long-term weight goals

Combine nutrition, exercise, and mindset tools, to achieve, and maintain, your weight related goals!

Make friends

Together we are stronger. Join the team, we can support each other, and succeed together!


Enjoy what you're working towards! If it's fun, you're more likely to stay motivated and achieve your goals!

Success stories!

I was inspired by Jessica Fleischer to start kickboxing workouts about 5 weeks ago The results so far
Physically : - Lost 7 lbs ( no dieting involved as I don’t believe in diets to loose weight) - Toned up & lost 4ins around stomach
Mentally: Although I already have a great mindset it has kept me focused & motivated

Brooke Bownes - The Breakthrough Specialist

Jess's enthusiasm as a coach is infectious. She constantly encourages you to push further to reach goals. I've not only changed physically but also mentally. Thank you Jess and everyone at Fighting Fit Together.

Liz Snape - Forest School Practitioner, Founder of Snapewood.

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Fighting Fit Together

Join THE community of Champions Today!
£ 47
  • Live Kickboxing Class at 6pm, every Tuesday with Jess.
  • A full library of 'replays' of full sessions (35-45 minutes), to fit into YOUR busy schedule.
  • Short (less than 5 minutes) 'Technique of the week' videos
  • A weekly 'Friday Fitness' session/challenge (between 5-20 minutes)
  • A monthly Sunday evening meet session, via Zoom - Social and goal setting, to connect and support each other.
  • A private members-only Facebook group, with support and advice, to provide accountability, share goals and celebrate successes, creating community.


I’m Jess – A.K.A The Kickboxing Queen.
I’m a 2 x English Kickboxing Champion and 2nd-degree black belt.

I created Fighting Fit Together at the beginning In the first lockdown, April 2020, as a way for us to keep active and stay connected when all the gyms were shut.

It has become a powerful community and training together online is an effective way for members to fit in time to exercise, around busy lives.

Whether it’s on your lunch break, before you have your dinner, or the perfect way to start your day, making time to exercise, in an enjoyable way, will help you not just achieve your physical goals but help you feel fantastic too!

I have a background in nutrition too, so I can help you with your weight, and health, related goals, alongside physical training. And, as a hypnotherapist, I can help you change your mindset; your body image, your goals, and your life!

 Would you like to be #coachedbyachamp?

The moment I/Jess became a CHAMPION 😀