Are you afraid? Or, curious?

Last night I dreamt that I was bitten by a leech. It looked and moved like a baby snake, but it bit me like a leech.
I think.
As I have never been bitten by a leech, I can only imagine.

Did I fear this leech? Not really, I had a sense of curiosity. A calm acceptance.
Then, upon the bite, my fear spiked a little, only to recover and realise that it was painless.
Painless, but bloody, as I had expected.
But, it was the pain I had feared, and the pain did not exist.

We often fear the unknown, including our future.

Worrying about the ‘what ifs’, the ‘maybes’, the worst-case scenarios. And that fear can prevent us from embracing the possibilities, holding us back… keeping us safe within what we ‘already know’.

I am curious about what my future holds.
With a little fear, but also an understanding and willingness to accept whatever may come my way.
I also hold myself responsible to act today in a way that future me will be able to reflect upon and be proud of.

All we really know is the present moment. The actions we take today will influence the future we are creating, for tomorrow. And we must also not allow the past to hold us back.

We carry with us our fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs, often from a single event that happened when we were younger.
They affect us today when really they have no right to. They belong in our past…
They belong as a memory, a lesson to learn from, to move on from…
Through hypnosis, I have experienced this myself.
It is painless… it is enjoyable, actually!

And through hypnotic experience, I have allowed myself to visit past versions of myself, memories… and tell them what they needed to hear. This allows revelation, resolve, and recovery.

I can only imagine what my future self will be saying to my present self when this becomes my past… I’m curious!

We cannot change our past or predict our future. We can only act today, taking those small steps towards our imagined future desires…

Imagining our future can be powerful. It gives us a purpose, something to work towards.

Where our intention goes, our energy flows…

Adapted, from Tony Robbins

Our intention is our focus. We can be present in the moment, with intentions for the future. And the stronger those intentions are, the more likely they are to become our reality.

I am beginning to experience this, personally.

‘I will speak on stages globally’

I say this, frequently. And I mean it.
But, I don’t often actually focus on the future. I focus on the now.
Today’s live. Today’s conversation. Today’s blog.
Today’s ‘small steps’.

I put my energy into these, as opposed to wasting it, worrying about the future. (and yes, I’m human – I do still worry about the future!)

This year has taught me to embrace the situation, as it arises. I would never have predicted a global pandemic… so how could I have planned for it? And I believe that having plans which are too rigid, can hold us back.
Fear fuels our need to ‘know’ what we need to do. To feel in control. By sticking with what we know, we hold ourselves back from what we are capable of.
Our potential can be incredible if we can overcome the restraints of our current identity.
Our identity does not have to be a rigid structure, we can change… metamorphosis.
The butterfly would not exist if the caterpillar did not naturally go through great change.

My ‘reality’ has changed so much, even in the past week. My future possibilities are becoming huge.
8 months ago I began daily lives. With visions of speaking on stages globally, one day. I did not know when, I just knew I must trust and follow the process.
I still do not know when, but I believe it is closer than I first imagined… I can now imagine it happening sooner… and where our intention goes, our energy flows.

With my energy flowing positively towards my future, I can feel my identity morphing. And I have a slight sense of fear, but also curiosity…

So, embracing that curiosity, time will tell.

I will continue to dream, with a calm acceptance, and allow my future to unfold!

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    1. Thank you Sarah! Please feel free to share anything I write (or speak about), to help inspire others 🙂 That’s always my goal.
      Alongside improving my own skill!

  1. Hey Jessica,
    You chose great pictures and I can tell you’ve put some thought in to this. Fantastic start!