Champion kickboxing Coaching, Online – The Benefits

What members say about how online is BETTER than the gym!

Have you tried an online fitness class?

On YouTube perhaps?
Or, maybe a local trainer, who took to doing lives?
What stopped you from continuing?
The lack of interaction… Struggle to be motivated?

If you’ve not tried one yet, what’s stopping you?

I have been speaking to members of my community, Fighting Fit Together, where I run online kickboxing classes, alongside group coaching and masterclasses on nutrition/mindset and I have been working out THEIR top benefits.

Many of them are now choosing to stay working out online with me, even when the gyms are an option again…

Although, I can understand the reservations, honestly – I am a kickboxer and personally I prefer the gym! (I am happy to share both sides of the story!)
And, as some have said, they prefer the added pressure/motivation of the gym and they go to the gym to get out of the house (these are the most common reasons for NOT training online). Some are online as an option whilst the gyms are closed, or, some as an extra, alongside their training in the gym.
And that’s okay.

Anyway, here is a full list of the positives, below…
These come from a mixture of women and men, aged from their early thirties to late sixties, with a variety of fitness levels and levels of martial arts training:

1. You’re not worried about judgment
This one is very common for those who are new to exercise or have not exercised for a long time. I’ve had women join my classes who have previously been too anxious to set foot in a gym! Although I always advise participants to turn their cameras on, so I can see what they are doing, there is never any pressure to. And as it is only me on the screen, and everyone spotlights me, as the instructor, it is less intimidating than being in a face to face class!

2. It’s convenient
Busy mums and small business owners alike know the value of time and money!
By working out online, you save the need to travel. Often saving the need to find childcare, pay for parking, get wet in the rain etc.
So, this also removes many of the excuses which will prevent you from going to the gyms (when they are open).

3. There is a social element
I think people often wrongly assume that there is no social element online. I always welcome members at the beginning, then we always open mics at the end too, whilst/after stretching and relaxation… The ‘class’ part has to be on mute, but we do still get to connect with each other! And that has its benefits, even just a friendly hello can brighten you day!

4. Avoid distractions
So, with everyone muted and me pinned to your screen, you avoid the distractions, and comparisons, of those around you. Allowing you to focus on the techniques you are learning. And the fitness – you can take it at whatever level you need to. You can increase your intensity/no. of repetitions, or rest out, without the worry of drawing attention to yourself in a class!

5. Explanations are in detail which allows for greater progress
This one surprised me slightly actually. But it came from Liz, who trained with me in the gym before I went online with my kickboxing classes. Then between lockdowns, she did both; online classes and in the gym. Now we are back online! Ut, she has noticed that she has noticed greater improvements with the online training, than she did from the gym alone.
What causes this? I can only assume a combination of everything else on this list!

6.  Recordings, to replay as many times as you like
So, I’m mainly discussing the benefits of the live classes, through Zoom. But this came up a few times, that by recording and uploading all the classes into a library, members can go back over the sessions/techniques as many times as they like! In the gym you only get that instruction once… then you have to try and remember it if you want to practice again!

7. Motivation increases due to live classes at set times
Unlike recorded videos, there is an increased motivation to train regularly, to benefit from the live sessions. Yes, there are recordings too, but members have said that knowing that I am physically there, doing it ‘with them’, as is everyone else in the class, they feel that they do not want to miss the opportunity. So, they are more likely to actually do the workout! Also, they are not tempted to give up halfway through!

8. And… You get to be trained by ME!
I was tempted to leave this out, but it was popular feedback, and I don’t want to be biased!
So, the 8th, and final benefit, is that you have access to me, regularly, consistently, and from anywhere in the world!
And, not just for kickboxing but coaching too, Fighting Fit Together is a community about health and well-being, as well as personal development… so much more than ‘Just kickboxing!’
But, I am very good at coaching kickboxing, especially online. As I have dedicated myself to making these sessions the best of my ability, with the mindset of a champion!

So, if you are interested in giving these classes a go, please feel free to contact me. Email is generally best, on
I have recordings that I am more than happy to send you too, so you can give it a go!😊

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