My 5-year goal, my ‘Business Black-belt’

My actual blackbelt 🙂

Do you have a dream?
A vision of your future, that almost feels real, yet also still slightly unbelievable.  With the lines of reality a little blurred, yet with a strong and true depth of emotion drawing you towards them.
As we must keep moving forwards with whatever we are doing, no matter how mundane it is, why not go in the direction we truly desire?
Time does not stop for us, ‘while we decide where we want to go’, so make a decision and take action.

Why would you resist the inevitable pull towards your dreams?

Usually fear of the unknown, for beyond the blurred lines there is an inevitable uncertainty. This often feels unsettling, so you choose to follow the clear path, the path already trodden.

This path is not your path though. Not the path that will lead you where you know you want to go.  

Yes, it may be scary, but the things which are worth the most in life do not come without a high price.
That price is worth paying, and you can achieve your desires, with a little investment of your time and a little focussed effort, applied consistently. It doesn’t have to be grand gestures, the small steps will suffice, as long as you do not stop. Especially when things get tough.

Motivation wanes, determination disappears… sometimes all that’s left is a faint glimmer of hope, leading towards a bright future. Keep following towards that light, no matter how small it is, and no matter how much ‘fog’ you need to aimlessly wander through…

Stay conscious too. A great price of advice from a bar in Bangkok!

But don’t just rush in like a passionate fool. Plan your action. Pencil over those blurred lines and make those dreams become a little clearer.

Determination is essential, as it won’t always be easy! Learn to focus. Set the clear goals and remember why you are working towards them. Then, when you have to chop your way through the bramble bushes blocking your way, to continue along your path, the small scratches you suffer will become insignificant.

Let your why be your guide and don’t let the what’s and the how’s take you on too much of a detour! Especially if that detour is just to avoid the bramble bushes, which you are claiming to be blocking your way!

My first title belt, and those that supported me. This was never my biggest goal, this was the product of remaining dedicated to a process (one which I enjoyed and became very determined to improve!)

For most of my adult life my biggest goal was to achieve my kickboxing blackbelt, although in the beginning, I didn’t believe that I’d ever get there!
And, almost unknowingly, I was seeking to become a champion. I had such admiration, for those before me, but feared to believe that one day it could, and would, be me.
Luckily, through my humility, I kept working hard, learning from my losses and continuing to progress, with one foot in front of the other. And the occasional step out to the side.

My biggest goal now is to be able to run a luxury health and wellbeing retreat in Thailand. By 23rd March 2025.
With holidays, seminars and retreats closer to home first!

Koh Lanta… A beautiful Island in Thailand!

Why Thailand?
Have you been there? It’s beautiful! I love the people; I love the food… and the training opportunities out there are amazing!
I’ve been before and I’ve wanted to get back out there ever since.  But I was busy taking steps sideways! Important steps, I might add. Not all side steps are bad, but they will take you away from your path!
Now I am side-stepping back to that original path. That path which I am so passionate about!

I returned home from travelling on the 23rd of March 2015, when I was 22, and I had vouched to return back out there, within 1 year, to work. That was before I got preoccupied with my martial arts, fighting and coaching goals.
Kickboxing kept me ‘home’ and kickboxing will now enable me to return to Thailand, back to the place I loved so much!

Holiday together, anyone?
It will be fun, I promise! I have dedicated most of my ‘free time’ to kickboxing, the rest has been holidays, travelling and making cocktails! Like here, in Croatia!

So, I have set this big and scary, but super exciting, goal. To be able to build my business up and take us all out there, for an amazing holiday, together!
I have already begun my ‘list’ of those who will be joining me out there, celebrating our success. Picturing who will join me makes it feel more real! And I don’t want to do it alone! My business is introducing me to amazing people every day, so you’re all more than welcome to come and join in with the fun! Just make sure you buy me a mojito!!

This was actually in Corfu 🙂 The best Mojito!

This has become my ‘business black belt’.
When I have days that I struggle, I visualise what that beach will feel like. It’s sunny and sandy, with a cocktail together at sunset.
When I have days of doubt, about what I’m doing and where I’m going, I remember that I’m focussed on getting there.  
Thailand is my why.
Going together, and taking a team with me, is a big part of that why.
Training together, having fun together and… enjoying a feast of tasty Thai food, together!

If Pad Thai can’t motivate me… I’m not sure what can!!

So, I’ve got the big goal. And I’m taking the small steps. The small steps lead to the action.
These small steps that I am taking every day are the same small steps that will eventually get me on that plane. On that plane, in 5 years’ time, with my purple boxing gloves safely in my suitcase.

It’s 5 years away, but 5 years will go quick.

And I’ll enjoy the process too; I have plenty of short term goals, which will all have their own successes and celebrations along the way!
I’m starting with a holiday, I will pack up my laptop and, the beauty of running kickboxing classes online, run my business from a beach, for a month or so.  As soon as lockdown and my finances allow this. This goal is ideally within 1 year. But, ultimately, before I’m 30!

I will also start with retreats, here in the U.K, and then somewhere warm in Europe as the next step – have you got any suggestions? Please let me know! My goals involve you. It must be warm and sunny, with good food. Other than that, I’m open to your ideas! Then eventually Thailand, you’re not changing my mind on that one!

I am still at the beginning of this journey, so it’s all still new and exciting. I am aware novelty wears thin, but this is not something I am going to be fickle about. Fickle goal setters do not become champions.

I am currently a red belt, in terms of business. One grade past white belt; lock down was my first grading, and it is safe to say I passed that test!
This business black belt is still further than I can see, way beyond my horizon. Luckily, I have become familiar with the rolling hills, and sometimes spiky mountains, of success. It’s a path I’m finally learning to enjoy, and appreciate the inevitable ups and the downs of emotion involved.

Let’s just hope I don’t get ‘stuck’ at green belt* again, this time.

I achieved my black belt the first time around, and this time I don’t have to physically fight to get there.
This time I am learning to master my mindset too 😊

I was a green belt in this photo. I’ve come a LONG way since then!!! (we all have – all of those children are now taller than me!)

* *If you’re not a kickboxer, green belt is ‘in the middle’. Just where you begin to feel like you know the basics, but black belt is still a long way away! I was a green belt for just over 2 years! I was a green belt when I was last in Thailand! I will return to Thailand as a black belt!

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