Success stories – Jen; Kickboxing, running and weight loss, with a focus on health, well-being, and happiness!

Jen’s biggest goal is to be healthy!

Jen began training with ‘I am Fighting Fit’, originally in November 2019. But, life got in the way…

In November 2019 it was too painful still to kick box and much as I tried and I couldn’t always get back from work in time

Jen had just begun face to face kickboxing again, in March, then lockdown began…
So, she moved to online training, through ‘Fighting Fit Together’!

She has now been training online for just over 2 months and we have begun training together face to face again, outdoors.

Her improvements in both technique and fitness are fantastic!
And, the best part? She enjoys the sessions too!

Jen is going to continue learning to kickboxing and will grade for her red belt, as soon as it is possible and we can train again, with contact.
Currently, all classes are following government social distancing guidelines!

I love how Jen exercises to FEEL fantastic!

Jen has also been dedicated to her running, as part of 5K FIT Together and in May she ran over 35 miles! She has constant goals and is achieving great results through her progression – she is aiming to be able to complete a 10K (following Couch to 10K) and can now run 5k in one go!

I am very proud of her consistency, she even gets me motivated and out there!

2 years ago due to injury I wasn’t able to manage walking etc but now through joining your 5k Fit Together programme can jog 5k

Through combining increased activity levels and a healthy balanced diet, Jen has achieved a weight loss of over 3 and a half stone, 1 and a half of which has been through lockdown!

This has been achieved through moderation, with nothing completely restricted, but eating a balanced diet with a focus on fresh produce, and homecooked meals. Jen follows elements of Slimming World but has enough knowledge of her own to adapt it to her needs and her activity levels!

Jenna and Jumbo 🙂

What I love most about Jen’s success is the positive influence she has on others.
She is so dedicated, full of enthusiasm, and gives 100% effort to everything she does.
Jen truly is an inspiration!

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