Success Stories – Liz. Kickboxing and Fitness; toning up and building strength, alongside Forest School Success!


Liz is happier than ever, following her dreams of providing bespoke forest school services, for children and adults too!

Liz began kickboxing with I am Fighting Fit just over a year ago, with her sister Cat.
From the beginning, she showed a natural aptitude and a keen interest. Through consistently training, 1 class per week, she made good progress.

However, it has been through lock down that she has seen the biggest increases in her fitness, which has been a priority for her as she has a physically demanding job, working as a Forest school practitioner/educator.
Liz has been dedicated to her online training; attending classes through Zoom, 3x per week, every week!


Online workouts can be extremely effective!

Liz has managed not only to improve her strength and fitness but tone up too. Liz doesn’t weigh herself or ‘diet’, she follows a healthy balanced and varied diet (from which she has also removed meat) and keeps herself active. Alongside the online kickboxing, she also gets outside on her bike most days and is keen to take up some running too!


I’ve not been jogging in nearly a year so a 10min run in the rain up and down my street

Honestly I’m so happy I met you. You’ve totally transformed my figure

Although the figure change was never her top priority, health and fitness was her no.1 goal, Liz’s confidence in her figure has massively increased!

Liz is noticing the changes in her figure, from the consistent classes – she’s looking amazing and super strong!

It’s not just physical improvements that Liz has made, her confidence and mental well- being as a whole have sky-rocketed!

Her business is booming, and rightly so. She is amazing at what she does and is providing much needed educational, interactive, and fun exercises for children! She is also providing mums, and families, with a much needed ‘break’ for a couple of hours, by holding ‘garden sessions’.

The response to these has been so great, she is now fully booked and with a waiting list!
She is planning many more activities and clubs for throughout the summer though, so if you’re interested – get in touch!

We have also begun collaborating to provide ‘Forest school and fitness’ sessions. At the moment, I take a session, combining fitness and kickboxing, for mums, whilst Liz provides forest school, as a childcare option!
It works perfectly as both child and mum benefit from each session!

We are also in the process of planning further collaborations; perhaps offering day sessions for ladies combining forest school and fitness activities, longer sessions for mums and their children, camping, wellbeing walks… Exciting times ahead!

I am pleased to see Liz’s success, know there is plenty more to come, and am grateful to be a part of it!

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