Weight loss and fitness success – with online kickboxing classes and workouts, at home, during lock down!

At Fighting Fit Together women have been getting fit, having fun and learning to kickbox, in a female-only environment, with live online classes and weekly workouts!
They have managed to achieve this from home, during lock down, without the need for fancy equipment or having to invest huge amounts of time or money!

Success stories!

Jenna with her dog Jumbo, after an online fitness class

Jenna has been training with Fighting Fit Together for 5 weeks now and has successfully lost over half a stone!
Here is a quote from a post that Jenna wrote after her session yesterday (Wednesday 22nd April 2020):
“Absolutely loving 7pm Tues Weds Thurs nights, quick, fun, intense calorie burners a mix of hiit and kickboxing technique… I’m not even realising I’m working that hard…until a surprise burpee round is thrown in 😂. I’m in my 5th week with online workouts with Jess on zoom and well and truly part of my lockdown routine! She’s helped me lose over half a stone and several inches during this time in lockdown already! 💪💪 “

Work rate and calorie burn recording, from Jenna

Jenna is so successful with her results as she is consistent with her training. She tracks her sessions and is constantly pushing herself to improve.
She particularly benefits from the kickboxing, for fitness and for weight loss, as she ENJOYS the sessions!
If you are working out at home, whilst in lock down, it is so important that you find something that you enjoy!
The class format helps to keep you accountable, as you can’t ‘do it later’ and it helps you to feel connected to other women too! We are here to support each other which is encouraging and motivating, both for ourselves and the other ladies we workout with!

Hannah after her first kickboxing class! It was a full on fitness session and she did amazingly!

Hannah is also benefiting from losing weight and improving her fitness during lock down.
Hannah has been successful with her weight loss through Slimming World but has never before enjoyed exercise, and will commonly state that prior to kickboxing she would ‘rather go through childbirth than exercise’.
Now that Hannah has started working out from home, using the live online classes, she has found that she is enjoying exercise more than ever. Here is a quote from Hannah, after her first session with Fighting Fit Together, on Tuesday 21st April 2020:

“First session with I am Fighting Fit completed tonight via Zoom. Boy, that was tough and my legs feel like jelly!! Burpees, I did bloody burpees, child birth really is more appealing I used to say! I’ve got sweat in places I didn’t even know I had! But I loved it!

Jessica Fleischer is so motivational and encouraging, there’s no pressure to go mad but she gently pushes you and makes you want to push yourself to be the best that you can be and why the hell wouldn’t you want to be the best!! “

Well done Ladies!

I would like to say a massive well done to all the ladies who have been training with me online, working out at home, but getting fit together!
Everyone is already showing improvements, in their fitness, in the kickboxing ability and in their mindset too!
I am pleased to be able to provide a service which can help get women involved in the sport which I love so much, especially during this difficult time!
It’s so important now that we make some time for ourselves (as busy mums or businesswomen, trying to run a business from home and/or look after the family too!). It’s important that we continue to work towards our goals and prioritise our health and fitness.
I am here to help and together we can get though this, stronger than ever!

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